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I love life, living and enjoying every second I can possible. I realize how important life and happiness are and I want to spend my life making sure not one moment is unfulfilled. You are all beautiful and one of a kind. Make sure you always embrace your passions and stay true to yourself. Never let little things let you down because you always have tomorrow.

Im obsessed with Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Major Lazer. I want to be apart of the Major Lazer family more than anything in the world and be a Lazerette. Diplo has my heart

I just want to meet new people, travel the world and live my life to the fullest, Everyone is beautiful and I love you all

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my teacher sent a student home today because the student had had an anxiety attack earlier in the morning and she said “if you have a broken bone, you don’t just keep walking on it and damaging it more, you treat it. Your mental health is the same. Health then school.” 

I was about to get really angry but it took a different turn than I expected
we really need more teachers like this 

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does your stomach ever make noises that sound like the mario theme


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cop: who the hell ordered all these pizzas

me: you said i got one phone call


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A live Artichoke drinking at a river
Because Artichokes are classified as vegetables for import into the U.S. due to an 18th century zoning loophole, few in the country are even aware that they’re the thorax and abdomen of an animal.
The Artichoke lives mostly in tropical regions and lives on a diet of ants and small insects which it siphons up with its long, hollow tongue. Artichokes are seldom raised on farms owing to their small size and the ease of their escape, instead they’re trapped for food and exported, often constituting as much as 80% of a nation’s economy.
Only the meat connecting the scales of the Artichoke is edible, most of its body being condensed squamous cells. It’s heart is edible however, and is considered a delicacy by some gustibators.